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"Graphic Perspectives"

Geometric Graphics

         This is a page of geometric beauty for you to enjoy. These graphics were created by Craig Nicholson. They are copyrighted, and permission is granted for you to use them for personal, non-comercial use only. Please credit the author when sharing them with others. Many of these graphics relate to Sacred Geometry designs and proportions. For more on this, see the Sacred Geometry main page. Enjoy!

  • Icosahedron:
  • Dodecahedron:

  • Patterns created from the moving 3-D lattices above:

    Symphony of 5-Pointed Stars:

    Symphony of 6-Pointed Stars:

    Formation of a dodecahedron from a pentagram:

    Geometric Wallpaper ideas:




    This site is Copyright © Craig Nicholson. All rights reserved.